Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Name is Hudson and I Like to Party.......

Literally. So Hudson is a big three year old. I can hardly believe it and I don't have any idea where all the time has gone, but my little boy who was just a baby two minutes ago is now a "big boy". We have been through quite the adventure so far with daily ups and downs, but I love this little man more than I could ever conceive. He means the world to me and with being my first child, I can contribute the immense joy I have in being a mother and also the gallons (seriously probably buckets) of tears shed out of frustration, and happiness of course...but mostly frustration:) But all in all he is such a light to our home and definitely exudes an energy that could not come from anyone else. We love him with everything we have.

Here is the highlight of the day....or as Tim termed it the "birthday week". It really was ridiculous how much fun he had this year. I don't think next year will be quite so extravagant, but he was due for something since last year was a cake, period. Get ready, there are A LOT of pictures.

Hudson sporting his new bike, "The Gravel Blaster"

First time ever at Chucky Cheese. He was in heaven and kept asking me if
the life size Chucky Cheese could come to his pool party.

Hudson's official Birthday Party......everything Dinosaur! The weather finally
coorperated after we canceled the original date of the party due to "severe thunderstorm warnings". Of course I walked outside at 3:30 pm- the exact time the party would
have started, and there was SUN. No one can predict the weather here.


(I am still finding green frosting throughout my kitchen. Only Lindsey will know the
nightmare I got myself into when I started this wonderful project. Thank heaven she
took my kids or they may not have eaten that day.)

Hudson's Dino shirt made by Keri. He LOVES it to say the least.

For Billy- the creative genius behind this shot.

The face says it all. Happy Birthday Hudson! We love you.


Keri said...

I love the pic of Hudson riding his bike with his tongue stuck out in concentration. Classic! And you definitely need to send me a copy of the pic of Madi & me. You are amazing. Period:) Everything you do is perfection.

Erica said...

Um, how long has it been since we've seen you? Like 2 months and all of a sudden Tate is blonde? What?!?! We miss you and LOVE the pictures on the post! They are beautiful!

libby said...

I cannot believe Hudson is so old. He was so little when we all moved here! The pictures are beautiful, of course. I see some eye candy. :)

I feel like we're about due for a good hang out. soon?

The Fullmer's said...

Happy Birthday Hudson!!! I love the dino cake. Cute pics!

becky said...

what a fun birthday! that cake is to die for!

The Wright Spot said...

Hudson, you are a very lucky boy! Happy Birthday from your family in Iowa! We love you and we can't believe how big you are getting! Tanis, you are an amazing mom! My kids are lucky to get cake some years at their birthday parties. That cake was awesome. Did you have a hard time cutting it up after spending so much time making it (I would). Tim, I think you are way over the height limit on the play tubes at Chucky Cheese. I reminds me of a really bad experience I had when Lizzy lost her glasses lens in the McDonalds play place in Lawrence. It looks like he had a ton of fun. We love you guys!

The Koffords said...

awesome pics!! what a fun birthday! did you have a pattern for that cake or was it pure creativity---i loved it!