Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Fun

We are freezing........literally. Pittsburgh this year has been so much colder and snowier than any other year that we have been here. It has been crazy how much snow has accumulated on the ground when in past years, nothing has really stuck. It has been fun though. My thought has always been, if it is going to be cold, we may as well have snow. At least we can play in it and it somewhat covers up the gray and dismal landscape. The only downfall is the "freezing rain" where you go out to car in a hurry to get somewhere and realize that there is and inch thick sheet of ice covering your entire car......let's just say you have to chip your way in and start the car, then take 30 minutes trying to get the rest off. NOT PLEASANT. Driving is impossible but I have to admit it is nice every once in awhile to get that call on a cold Sunday morning saying that church has been canceled. Is it ok to like that?

We also have to be pretty creative indoors as well. With all the time we spend hanging out in our little two bedroom apartment, we end up having severe cabin fever unless we come up with other things to do. Hudson is getting quite good at this lately with his "Batman" flying, tent making and sheer running as fast as "Lico Queen" (Lightning McQueen) down the hallway. He makes me laugh everyday which I am thankful for. I have a great time with my boys and cannot believe how old they are getting. I love and hate it.


KA said...

I don't know one sane person with little children that wouldn't welcome the occasional cancelation of Sacrament Meeting.

ck said...

I love the pic of Hudson in his batman mask. priceless!