Saturday, January 31, 2009


It has happened. Finally after two and a half years of living in the Steel City, I have fallen........ fallen for the STEELERS! Really, I never thought this would happen. When we first moved to Pittsburgh, I thought everyone and I mean EVERYONE was ridiculous. I have never seen a place so obsessed with their NFL team. Everywhere we went, it was "Stillers". You name it and we have it in black and gold- unbelievable amounts of clothing.....I think everyone owns a Steelers jersey, car accessories, enormous blow up lawn figures and my favorite, black and gold tortilla chips sold in EVERY grocery store around. The news is OCD when it comes to covering the team. It seems like even in the off season they are talking about something Stillers. I thought it was Ludicrous.

But now, a transformation......... All I can say is GO STILLERS!!! I don't know how it happened, but I have found myself this year embracing the loonacy and have actually enjoyed partaking in the euphoria that blankets this city. It bleeds black and gold. I truly hope they win tomorrow. We will be watching and cheering as our team attempts another Super Bowl win. We love it. GO STILLERS!!!!


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Congrats on a big win Tanis!! I am sure you, Tim, Hudson, and Tate had a big party for your number one team yesterday. Now you have more pride for your city (not that you didn't before), and you will never want to leave.
Your conversion story was hilarious! I am glad you guys are doing well. Your Tate is growing up so fast! I can't believe it. Say hello to Tim for me!