Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's hard to come by a good dentist.....

Unless you are Hudson of course.

Hudson was fortunate enough to head to the dentist last Friday. Tim has been saying for the longest time that he wanted to get Hudson a check up, so finally we scheduled it. I always wondered how he would do, but after the weeks, ok basically his whole life, of Tim looking in his mouth with his dental instruments, he was fabulous!! He literally sat there the whole time, calm as can be while his dad picked and poked around looking for anything that even resembled a cavity. Heaven forbid the dentists' child has a cavity.... but thankfully, he was clean.

The office staff and everyone that Tim works with at the school could not get enough of the boys and Hudson seriously scored. I am not sure if all the kids that go to the Pedo department steal off with all the goods Hudson did, but they really spoiled him like crazy....even going in the back to find a Lightning McQueen toothbrush. They were wonderful.

Here is Hudson sporting the sweet protective eyewear. He thought he
was the coolest in those glasses.

Tim hard at work......excuse me, that would be "Dr. Mosher" hard at work. Weird, yet believable, especially after the enormous filling he drilled on me awhile back.

The perfect smile.

We had a great time and it really was fun to sit and watch Tim in action. It gives me hope and sheds at least a flicker of light on the fact that what we have been doing for the past 3 years is going to be worth it. Tim will be a great dentist. Only one more year and then on to bigger and better things in periodontics!


Keri said...

Even though I saw these pics the other day and Hudson himself today, I can't believe how old he looks. Have we really lived here for 3 years?? And we missed you tonight. See you next week:)

libby said...

So fun! I'm sure the pedo department never sees a boy as cute as Hudson, so they HAVE to spoil him! I've yet to see DJ in action. I think I'll set up an appointment for myself just so I can see what all this money has been going towards. :)

The Wright Spot said...

Tim will make a great dentist. How fun to have your dad as your dentist, especially if you don't have cavities. I need Tim to do a little dental work on my teeth.
Tanis, for some reason I can't see any of your pictures anymore. What is wrong with my computer? I am glad you guys are doing well!

The Wright Spot said...

Tim, the problem is solved! Thanks for the quick phone call to solve the problem. Your boys are so big! Hudson is looking like such a boy, not toddler! I miss you guys even more now that I can see the pictures. Chicago is definitely on!!

Michele said...

What a big boy Hudson is...and so brave. I wish I could have shown the girls these pictures before they went last week...they were so nervous.